The Four Sorts of Personal Conduct (And Their Respective Implications)

To conduct oneself with humility in public while privately harboring notions of one’s own preeminence: this is shrewd.

To celebrate one’s talents publicly, but to question the magnitude of those talents in private: this is the start of a tragedy.

To be convinced of one’s virtues entirely: this is a sign of mental illness.

To doubt one’s worth constantly: this is merely reasonable.

Three Entries from An Enthusiast’s Lexicon

AMBITION (n.) — A trait exhibited by those who, lacking the intellectual dexterity to contend with leisure, instead commit their lives to work.

CONVICTION (n.) — A deeply held belief or principle which, in 15-20 years, one will deny ever having embraced.

WINE (n.) — A fermented beverage which, when consumed in sufficient quantity, equips one to tolerate life.