Regarding the Obvious Notion That One Person Isn’t Merely One Person

Ten years ago, I was most enchanted by works which exhibited a single-mindedness commonly associated with those on the autism spectrum. Currently, I’m more taken by works which explore and cheerfully defuse the terror of human frailty.

Neither version of myself entirely understands the other — nor will the future version understand either of them. I assume it’s like this for everyone, but have also never asked.

Marriage vs. Neoclassical Economics

The prevalence among neoclassical economists of the notion that individuals make choices which express clearly their preferences reveals less the wisdom of those same economists and more the distinct probability that the majority of them lacked anything in the way of spouses. For, as both science and Henny Youngman document, marriage itself is less the union of two souls in wedded bliss and more a large, wide-ranging exercise in irrational decision-making.

Translate a White Person: On Diversity

A White Person Says
“I wish this [neighborhood/town/city] were more diverse.”

A White Person Means
“I wish historical migration patterns — themselves typically influenced by large, complex commercial, industrial, and social variables — had unfolded a little bit differently so that I could experience briefly the warmth of global human fellowship on my way home to watch Netflix.”