Regarding the Spittoon, Its Likely Ties to Morality

Man lost his humanity at approximately that same point in history as cuspidors were becoming less common in saloons and other public spaces. A case of correlation, this, or causation? One can’t say for sure. With regard to the latter possibility, however, a notable point: the absence of that particular receptacle prevented gentlemen from spitting in disgust at the sight or mention of an atrocity.

On the Peculiar Misery of a Lost Car Key

It takes only a few minutes of fruitless searching for the misplaced car key before I’m prepared to surrender ownership of the car itself, if it means that I could also put an end to this peculiar and cunning brand of tedium. A tyranny worse than an actual tyrant could inflict, this looking. Because consider: where the arbitrary cruelty of a real tyrant allows one to cultivate righteous anger, the lost car key (and the mute, stupid automobile to which it belongs) serves only as a reminder of an unnerving truth — namely, that we are the foremost saboteurs of our own happiness.

On Sarah Arvio: Three Sentences

A Sarah Arvio reading represents an opportunity for strangers to gather into an audience for the purpose of being disregarded together.

Sarah Arvio’s poems reveal a mind as dull as Emily Dickinson’s Outlook calendar.

Sarah Arvio’s poems illustrate one possible result of a combination of privilege, ignorance and preening self-regard.  Such concatenations are as common in America as folding chairs, fatness and discomfort.