The Antibody for Humiliation

“A poet’s best work tends to be facilitated by youth; an aphorist’s, age.”

“Youth is conducive to meditating upon what one wants to see; age, to lamenting what one has been.”

Is there some truth to these claims that I’ve just written down in my notebook? Quite possibly. To offer such remarks without the benefit of caveat or qualification, however, would first require the antibody for humiliation.

A Potentially Useful Message Regarding the Author’s Spiritual Shortcomings

When haggling at a Turkish market, one is able to receive a fair price only if he’s prepared ultimately not to purchase the item in question. It’s the same with spiritual equanimity: impossible to experience until one has abandoned the idea of acquiring it.

Or I suspect that’s the case, at least. My substantial cowardice has prevented me from conducting the necessary experimental work.