Most Awesome Thing About Being a Cat

You get to have breakfast for dinner every day.

Sensible Winter Cocktail

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hot Buttered Rum

Quick and Easy Five-Minute Meal

Cream of Soup Soup

Lost Excerpt from Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Women judge a person by their shoes, men judge a person by how they pronounce gyro.

Dessert Item that Sounds Far Less Exciting when Translated into Plain English

Three Milks Cake

Three People I’ll Likely Never Meet

Bjorn Borg

Elisabeth Shue

An actual person who prefers Wheat Chex over Rice or Corn


Las Vegas’ Most Delicious New Hotel & Casino

Little Caesars Palace

Advanced Super Bowl Statistics

Hot wings consumed before the blackout
Woytek: 23
Lurie: 17

Bathroom time of possession after the blackout
Woytek: 46 minutes
Lurie: 32 minutes

Top 5 Failed Air Freshener Scents

5. Yellow Corn Tortilla

4. Bag of Hockey Equipment

3. Store-Bought Rotisserie Chicken in Back of Fridge

2. Bubblegum

1. Microwaved Salmon

Best Way to Sign a Cover Letter When Applying for a Job at a Casual Workplace

Forever in blue jeans


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