To Eat Between Meals Without Proper Reverence


List of Best Foods (partial)

whoopie pie


rice pilaf

jamon serrano

Milano cookie

Mexican food (all)

salt and vinegar chips

Lines from LL Cool J, Repurposed to Invoke Snacks

“I want to eat snacks in the worst way.”

“Snackin’ it, and snackin’ it, and snackin’ it— yeah!”

“Don’t call it a snack attack.”

“I’m gonna eat some snacks.”

“Mama said ‘Eat some snacks.’”


Great Works from the Literature of Eating Between Meals

120 Days of Snacks

As I Lay Snacking

To the Snackhouse

Their Eyes Were Watching Snacks

War and Snacks

À la recherche du snacks perdu

The Snackiad

Infinite Snacks

A Farewell to Snacks

Gone with the Snacks

The World’s Foremost Authority on Neurology and Cookies

Oliver Snacks


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