Of Dr. Dre and the Cookie Simile

In his 1993 duet with Snoop Dogg, “Nuthin but a ‘G’ Thang,” Dr. Dre does what MCs do: he proclaims superiority over fellow MCs.

It is known that Dre does not pen his own lyrics, but rather employs a stable of rappers to do so under his close  supervision. But in “Nuthin but a ‘G’ Thang,” it would appear Dre’s usually keen editorial eye did not catch the faltering bravado of this couplet:

Droppin’ the funky shit that’s makin’ the sucka niggas mumble
When I’m on the mic, it’s like a cookie, they all crumble

That’s right: when Dr. Dre’s on the mic, “it’s like a cookie.” Sucka MCs crumble before him.

This might be a passable boast were the MC that notorious blue versifier from the hood of Sesame, MC Cookie Monster, but Dr. Dre of Compton?


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