Great Moments in Karaoke: “Love Sack”

“It was, I don’t know, 1997 or -8. Were were wicked hammered at this place called Stinky’s or The Stinkhole or whatever in Central Falls. I don’t know who it was that got the idea, but we were all like, ‘Hey, Tony’ — Tony was hammered more than anyone — we were like, ‘Tony, you should sing Love Shack, but, you know, sing it Love Sack, like it’s about your nads.”


“Did he do it? Actually, I don’t even remember. The only thing I know about after that is I got my tattoo.”


“Sort of. I got it redone — to look like St. Francis of Assisi, with all the arrows in him.”


“Oh. St. Sebastian, then. Same idea.”


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