This Season’s Pilots, Part Five

Three more recently announced television pilots.

Part: One / Two / Three / Four.

A remake of late-80s sitcom Out of This World set in rural Michigan — except, instead of another planet, Evie’s father lives in Battle Creek, and, instead of being an alien, he’s unemployed.

A formerly vibrant and beautiful and talented and independent and vibrant woman who has developed a debilitating and untreatable medical condition — and had her children taken by social services as a result — immediately and thoroughly depresses every person whom she burdens with her life story, such that they’re compelled, in a very real way, to contemplate the vagaries of affliction. Co-stars Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne from A Different World fame), or someone who just looks like him.

A stay-at-home mother with little more than an associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies is hired into an important managerial role at Crayola after noting in an online forum for parents that the raw-umber crayon “is a little caca-y” in her opinion. Notably, the mother in question is white, which either “problematizes” or “makes very confusing” the program’s title.


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