A Problem of History

History, whether attempting to account for the masses or merely a privileged few, remains flawed insofar as it’s a record only of exertions — precisely the sort of behavior a reasonable person makes a point of avoiding.

Preferable would be a history of idleness. Of course, by definition, it can’t exist. No one sensible enough to conceive of it would consent to enduring the tedium inherent to composing such a document.


One thought on “A Problem of History

  1. Carson Cistulli,

    reading your little piece another writer came to my mind. He wrote among many, many other things a piece called ‘In Praise of Mediocrity’. His name is Hans Magnus Enzensberger, have you ever heard of him? He might interest you, he should be available in English. No, he hasn’t written about baseball at all though.

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