Answer to Question “What is the meaning of life?” (posed March 15, 2013, 3:22 PM)

Milano cookie


On Double Chocolate Milano Cookies (II)

Here is another entirely valid and considered response to a Double Chocolate Milano Cookie:

The chocolate is always the prize, but too much of a prize takes from the thrill and endurance of its reward. In order to forever thrill before you, Milano Cookie, I would have you reduce in chocolate, increase in wafer. I would have, as it were, less pleasure, so that I may have more pleasure.

On Double Chocolate Milano Cookies

Reasonable people can disagree about the proper response to Double Chocolate Milano cookies. One reasonable chap might well say this before such a cookie:

“Enough! In this life I have known pleasure—its contours and depths, its variety and variability, its restless allure and the full thrum of its pulse—but this, this, this cookie, with its chocolate now doubled, doubled, is pleasure of a quantity I cannot assess, let alone enjoy. Indeed, what is enjoyment of such a cookie? I am without the necessary equipment to partake of it. I say it again, again, again: Enough!”